Thursday, September 11, 2014

A few words from a Friend...

Dear Scottish friends!

As a Greek and as someone who has lived and studied for four years in the UK, I would like to share a few thoughts with you regarding the Independence referendum in a few days. Our nations have bonds that go back tens of centuries: trade, colonies etc. So, please, take this not as an intervention in your interior affairs, but as a word of advise from a friendly nation.

To begin with, you are free to decide whatever you believe it is of your best interest. But it can not cease to cause bitterness and pity the fact that you are being offered the chance to have in a bloodless and clean way what other nations shed rivers of blood to earn, and you are…thinking about it.……. You are being offered Freedom and Independence wearing a tie and a tuxedo, when in other places of the world (Syria, Cyprus, Iraq, Ireland, Palestine, Ukraine etc.) lives were and still are being lost, but…you are thinking about it! The British passport itself that all Scottish people use, has on the Royal Coat of Arms carved in no uncertain way your humiliation in the image of the chain around the neck of the unicorn, which symbolizes Scotland.

As part of a nation who had to endure more than 400 years of slavery to the Ottoman Turks and had to fight several revolutions until we earn our independence, I implore you please do not insult the sacrifices of all the still enslaved nations of the world and their sufferings! Please do not spit on the Seas of blood that were shed in the name of Freedom and Independence throughout the millennia! You are not going to get another chance! At least not a peaceful one… And if you still do not know what to vote, go to the most ancient of the cemeteries in Scotland and read the names on the tombstones; the names of all those who died for Scotland. They will tell you what to vote…

You can decide whatever you want… The rest of us will have to wait and see if History will keep on including the Scottish nation among the proud people of the world or if it will cast you aside to the category of the ‘willing slaves’.

With the -still- outmost respect,

Panagiotis A. Karampelas

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